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52 Gone by Nate Kranzo

Трейлер к фокусу 52 Gone by Nate Kranzo
Описание 52 Gone by Nate Kranzo
Creator of Best-selling effect Box Monster, Nathan Kranzo is known for his incredibly practical methods. He's back with Ellusionist to bring you the deck vanish to end all deck vanishes. Boom ... Done. It's that easy.
You clap your hands together and the deck disappears before the sound-waves even hit their eardrums.
The best thing is, there's nothing for them to find. Even when they go digging up your sleeves, or peeping inside your jacket.
Performed correctly, this is the simplest, most direct and relatable piece of magic we've seen in years.
No fluff, filler or fakery. 52 cards... Gone.
Kranzo also tips his hat to a lot more applications, showing you that once you know the method. You can change a deck into an iPhone, Remote, Headphones, Stack of Bills, Car keys... Slice of Pizza. ANYTHING.
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