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The Case by SansMinds

Трейлер к фокусу The Case by SansMinds
Описание The Case by SansMinds
A precisely engineered device that vanishes your phone in the most impossible way. Designed for 4” iPhone models such as 5, 5s, and SE series

Three years in perfecting the gimmick, SansMinds Creative Lab proudly presents you
“The Case.” A precisely engineered device that allows you to vanish a phone in the
cleanest way possible. It’s designed to disguise as a regular iPhone case so it will
always be on you and ready to amaze. The SansMinds Creative Lab team has tested
this device in every setting possible. It packs small and plays big. It is easy to use so
you can focus on your presentation. The Case comes in an elegant matte black finish.

Please note you need to select a color model that matches your phone. Available
models as follows.
1) Space Grey
2) Gold
3) Silver

Does The Case protect my phone?
It absolutely does! It’s made to be an everyday phone case.

Does it fit the new iPhone SE?
Yes, Absolutely!

Does The Case come in different colors aside from black?

The Case only comes in an elegant matte finish black. It is the perfect color to disguise
as an everyday phone case.

Why do I need to pick a color?

In order to complete the illusion, the gimmick comes in two parts. One is the black case
and the other part is where the choice comes into play. It is needed to match your
phone or your spectator’s phone.

Why only the 4” series? Will other size models be available?

The 4” model holds the highest market share out of all iPhone users at the moment.
Due to the complicated manufacture process, we are only able to make the most
commonly owned model available. If a specific model reaches a certain percentage of
market share, we might consider making it available in the future.
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