PUSH CARD by Mickael Chatelain

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Описание PUSH CARD by Mickael Chatelain
Take out your deck of cards. It's ordinary and the cards are different. Show it freely from all sides. Show the case that is on the table.

It's completely ordinary.Invite your spectator to choose a random card from the deck. ABSOLUTELY no force! Have the spectator sign the card to assure that it's completely unique. After several shuffles, the card is lost deep in the deck. With no suspicious moves, the deck is replaced in its case. No one except the spectator knows the identity of the selected card.

You now take out a small plastic card which the spectator examines. It's a white plastic card with a red button labeled
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Прочь, искуситель! Чем душе трудней,
Тем менее ты властвуешь над ней!
Your explanation is organized very easy to understand!!! I understood at once. Could you please post about casinocommunity ?? Please!!
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