Ridiculous by David Williamson

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"David Williamson is a hilarious, entertaining and one-of-a-kind performer! Not only my favorite magician to watch but his ideas, teaching abilities and skill level are just as amazing! An investment in magic you can't afford to pass up!" -Bill Malone

"1. I think it's RIDICULOUS that this material is available for the fraternity. It's RIDICULOUS how talented David is, it's also RIDICULOUS that he's willing to share this treasure of material with his friends in magic. David Williamson is very serious with his comedy and we all love him for his dedication to the art.

2. Where are the Duke Sterns, Karrell Foxes and Jay Marshalls of today... they all live in the fertile creative mind of David Williamson. I am so proud to have him as a friend, especially knowing I influenced his 'style' of entertainment. We all benefit from the genius of David's talent. Don't miss out on this truly extraordinary gift of sharing. 

3. All great comedy magicians are true artists...they have studied for years to find out what works and why. While you're laughing and being entertained by someone 'special' like Dave Williamson, you are being fooled as much as a lay person. What a treat to have David Williamson as one of us.

4. David Williamson is a humble guy, he does what he does because it makes him happy. He doesn't care about being famous, he just wants you to be part of his world of laughter. If he wasn't a magician, he'd be a jazz musician because he can jam with the best. RIDICULOUS is exactly how he works but LIKE ABILITY is why he's so successful!

5. David Williamson SUCKS!"
 -Tom Mullica

"David Williamson is an utter failure. He has spent his entire life trying to convince others that he's not a genius. He's not fooling anyone." -Derek Delgaudio 

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plz upload gambling protection series by steve forte 4 dvd
что то он не грузит 1 рекламную страницу вообще
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plz upload gambling protection series all dvd 1-2-3-4-5
Can you please upload the other discs as well?
Why is there only disc 3? This is a 4 DVD set. 

There is only one DVD and its only 2 hours when it supposed to be four DVDs and 10 hours.

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