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SECOND FORM by Sergey Koller and Nick Vlow

Трейлер к фокусу SECOND FORM by Sergey Koller and Nick Vlow
Описание SECOND FORM by Sergey Koller and Nick Vlow
Second Form is a collection of 15 thoughts on card magic focused on visual and practical applications. Here you will find completely new ideas and newly assembled classic handles for your appearance. Nick Vlow & Sergey Koller explain every detail of the handles as well as the motivation behind these new applications.

Sprout - a visual jumping out of a card from the middle of the deck. The card may suddenly pop up before the spread game or fly from the deck to the viewer. As a bonus, you will learn a variant of the double levy.

Penguin Steal - a useful grip for stealing a color change or a chosen card.

NZ Change - quick and direct color change based on palm tree changes. Several variants included.

Rotation Change - an incredible grip that allows you to transform a card that turns between your hands.

Astra Cascade - improved version of the classic F.Miller cascade control. The method allows to control several cards or to use the cascade as a color change.

Mason Addition - simple and direct exchange of a single card in your hand. Perfect for transpositions or prediction artifacts.

Swindle Double - a clean double lift from the top. The top cards fly to your other hand.

Exmor Trilogy - another great grip that uses spreading in the hand. Exmor can be used as an exchange, color change or forcing.

Mac Change - clean transformation of a single card in the open hand

1337 Load - angle-safe replacement of a single card, which you can also use as a forcing.

Glenn Addition - Improved work on the classic Vernon's Bottom Addition. The grip is now clearer for a single card, allowing you to force.

Bertram Plus - new, modern touch for the legendary Tebe Change by R.Bertram. This method lets you make the exchange twice.

Nova Sandwich Move - a visual production of single or multiple cards between sandwich cards. The grip is fast, clear and without even a single finger movement.

Citro - new variation for the Cardini Snap Change. You can palm the map or steal from the top deck for the moment.

Tasso Change - Variation of R. Walton's Paint Brush Change, which makes the trick easier for the magician. In addition, you can do the transformation twice in a row.

DNB Spread Control - a method of convincing card control in the expanded game, based on the work of E. Earick. This grip controls a single card to the bottom of the deck or into the bottom palm.
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